Comments or Complaints?

Crawford strives to deliver excellent service with every claim, quickly and efficiently. If you have any positive comments or suggestions regarding your experience with Crawford, please contact the manager of your claims handler or send us an email to

Crawford’s aim is that each settlement should be dealt with in accordance with the insurance contract and that settlement is received within reasonable time. If there is full or partial refusal we will explain why parts of - or the entire claim - is not recoverable.

If you do not agree with the outcome of the settlement, please contact your claims handler directly. A conversation could clear up misunderstandings or reveal new information that may put the claim in a different light.

After discussing the settlement with your claims handler, if you would still like to file a complaint on the outcome of your claim please send a written complaint, with a subject of “Complaint”, and include the claims number or reference number by email to or by mail to:

Crawford & Company (Norway) AS
Postboks 133
1300 Sandvika

You can also ask for neutral assistance from Finanssklagenemda, Postbok 53, Skøyen, 0212 Oslo.